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I'm Dr. Samantha de Castro-Corcoran, DC. I'm a Calgary mobile chiropractor.

Why mobile chiropractic?

Because getting your families schedule aligned to come in for regular care can be difficult. Take out the worry by having a mobile chiropractor come to your home and treat the whole family!


Through my own health journey (dealing with multiple issues including PCOS, Endometriosis, Fibroids, Thyroid issues etc) I have earned a unique understanding into some of the gaps that can occur in healthcare.


While chiropractic care may not cure many things it can be very beneficial in helping manage symptoms with other treatment providers for much more than just your average aches and pains.


With my background and interest in Women's health, I've also discovered the amazing world of pregnancy and pediatric chiropractic! Working with moms and their kiddos as they trapeze through this thing we call life is one of the most fulfilling experiences.


I can’t wait to help you live an optimal life, function at your peak and support your family through life's transitions!


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