To your bliss

Blissful You Wellness is a place for women in all stages of life to learn and connect in order to live the happiest and most joyful life. 

From our blog, YouTube videos, social media and online courses (coming soon!) it doesn't matter where in the world you are, you can have access to the tools to create your bliss. 

Want to work with our founder, Dr. Samantha de Castro one-on-one? You can! Not only is she a practicing chiropractor in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, but she will also be providing online health consulting for women all over the world in the coming months!

In Person Hours

Movement Performance & Health

Monday 1:30:00-7:00

Tuesday 10:00-6:00

Wednesday 2:00-7:00

Thursday 10:00-6:00

Friday 11:30-5:00

Saturday 9:00-1:00


Want to see Dr. de Castro in person? 

Movement Performance and Health-located on Crowchild trail, close to Mount Royal University. Online booking is available here.


                     #20 2439 54th Ave SW                   

Calgary, Alberta T3H 1M4

403-457-MOVE (6683)





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