A Little About Me...

I was born in Calgary and raised in Chestermere. Most of my large Portuguese family lives here, my grandparents immigrating from the small island of Sao Miguel. 

When it came to healthcare, growing up it was pretty much typical "western medicine". Go to the doctor, the dentist, the optometrist. Not much exposure to alternative and complimentary type care. 

That began to change when I was in junior high, my dad started seeing a family friend that was a chiropractor. It sounded interesting, but I was convinced I was going to be an interior designer at the time, so I didn't think much about the role of chiropractors, or it being a potential career. 

Applying for schools, my drive was the design program. But I really liked biology and my parents insisted I apply to the 3 major schools in Calgary, and I had to find something I liked at each. 

Somehow I ended up in the Kinesiology program at the University of Calgary, where I graduated with a Mind Science major in 2012. It was kind of an accident, but I wound up finding my calling in health and wellness. I started looking for graduate level work, debating naturopathic school, acupuncture school and even looking at medical school. 

After graduation, I was lucky enough to work as a kinesiologist, developing exercise programs to aid patients in returning to work after an injury. That was when chiropractic popped back into my life, and I finally decided. I wanted to be able to diagnose, and make the big decisions. I wanted to do more than just exercise programs. 

I was going to chiropractic school. 

The thought of moving away from my family was TERRIFYING. But somehow I managed to drum up the courage to move to Portland, Oregon where I attended the University of Western States for 3 years, graduating in 2018 with not only my Doctorate of Chiropractic, but also a Bachelors in Human Biology as well. ​

Now, I'm back home, happily providing care to the community I have always been a part of. Most of my family has jumped on the complimentary wellness bandwagon, which thrills me seeing them take care of themselves in that way. 

When I'm not being a nerd at work, I'm dreaming up trips to Disney Parks and Paris, doing something creative like panting, hanging out my loved ones and exploring. 

My Approach

I believe in holistic health care. This means looking at not just the physical complaints, but the mental, social and spiritual aspects of my patients. 


Not only do I utilize the classic manual adjustments to address the primary bodily concerns of my patients, I work with them to obtain optimal health and wellness. 

"If your only tool is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail."

True to that statement, I have many tools in my chiropractic tool belt. I adjust, do a multitude of muscle relaxing techniques including Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue and cupping, integrate exercise and nutrition and utilize tools like IFC (Interferential Current). I also collaborate with my fellow practitioners and utilize their expertise whenever I can. This includes osteopathy, psychology, acupuncture, hypnotherapy, nutrition, massage and traditional Chinese medicine. 

Pain is usually the last thing to appear, and the first to leave. This fact is an important pillar in my approach, as the pain might be gone (yay!) but the underlying cause that got us here may need more addressing. This is very individualized and I go through the treatment plans in detail with each member of my practice. 

I cannot wait to help you live your best life!