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An End To 2020

It is absolutely absurd to think this year is over. I mean, did 2020 even really happen? Sometimes I wonder.

A lot of stuff was thrown at us this year.

Not only has the pandemic completely tossed the world upside down, but I missed out on 3 months of work, smack in the middle of my second year growing my practice.

We lost our sweet golden retriever to hemangiocarcinoma.

My uncle got diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

This things, which suck royally in their own right, have been compounded by restrictions, fear and the unknown.

But as I reflect. I do my best to remember the good.

I turned 29. I got to spend a romantic weekend in Banff before the world fell apart. I moved in with my loving partner. We got a new puppy. And my practice growth, while delayed, has continued.

This year has been traumatic, for all of us, in our own ways. When I feel the overwhelm about to crash down around me, I remember the good things.

I look at my beautiful chocolate lab. I wrap my arms around my partner. I hug my parents.

Because amongst all the garbage there is still a hell of a lot of good in this world.

I hope 2021 can bring us all some peace, some certainly and stability. Until then, enjoy the holiday season, tell your loved ones they matter, and be merry.

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