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At Home Chiropractic Is Here!

Have you ever wanted to get onto a regular schedule of chiropractic visits, but always fall off the rails because of schedules and travel time? Or your favourite chiropractic moves across town and it's too far away to get to her on a regular basis? Do you have a newborn and 2 other kids to pack up and bring with you so you just stop going to the clinic?

Well the answer is here Calgary!

Mobile chiropractic care has arrived!

I am now offering at home chiropractic visits through my massage friends at Wellness in Motion. Now, I come to you, and can see you and your family without you having to leave the comfort of your home.

How does it work? Scheduling an appointment is easy with online, call, text and email all available here. More hours will be become available over the summer.

After you book in, and all the paperwork is done, I arrive at your home at the appointment time, table and all!

I will need an area to set up in (the table it about 6 feet long), and I have a bag of tricks I bring with me (including cupping, K-tape, Graston and Activator!).

I can also take a look at an ergonomic setups for you, and we can do exercises in your home, so you feel comfortable knowing you can keep up with your care between appointments.

And don't billing is still offered!

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