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Back to School Tips

Back to school is just around the corner, but this year it is looking a little different.

As of writing this post, kids are going back full-time in Calgary. I won't lie, I'm skeptical this will last, but we will all have to sit and wait together to see what goes down.

But whether your children are returning to school full-time, you decided to go online, or you are a student yourself, here are some helpful back to school tips that can keep your body feeling its best as the transition from summer to fall happens!

Backpack Health

Heavy backpacks, especially when worn incorrectly, can stress our spines. Teenagers especially are known for not wearing their backpacks correctly (I was one of them, also never wore winter jackets *cue eye roll*), and even our younger elementary aged children can have heavy books to lug around.

So what are somethings to look for with backpack wearing?

  • Choose a light bag, look for material like canvas or vinyl

  • Ideally look for the two strap bags, and that the straps are adjustable. A waist/hip strap can also be helpful

  • Paddding-on the straps, and on the back

  • Pockets, pockets pockets! This can help distribute the weight more evenly

  • 15% is the number to look for, the weight of the bag should not exceed 15% of your Childs weight.

  • No one shoulder wearing!


Especially given the recent move to online work, kids (and the adults) are one screens more than ever. With this, poor posture becomes more of an issue, which can lead to headaches, neck pain and even sore hands.

  • Limit/minimize time on screens whenever possible

  • Regular physical activity

  • Encourage good posture, or set reminders on your phone to move around and sit better every hour

  • Bring your screen level up so your head is not bent forward as often

  • Stretch!

While a lot of this is geared toward children, us adults can benefit too. Whether you wear a backpack to work downtown, or have 8 Zoom meetings in a day working from home, regular breaks and movement throughout your day is important for your overall health...both mental and physical.

Need help with backpacks, desk set-ups are learning the right stretches? Schedule an appointment to help keep you on track and start the school year off right!

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