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Chiropractic and COVID19

Hope this post finds you all healthy

Unless you've been living under a rock, you have been inundated with the Coronavirus pandemic.

I wanted to make a few things clear, and give some science based recommendations.

First of all, chiropractic care DOES NOT boost immunity. There are many claims that we can do that, but as of right now, that science does not back it up.

Secondly, I have decided to suspend my practice for the time being. Why? It isn't to protect myself. Honestly, I am not worried about contracting covid19. I am however worried of spreading it to my family, and my patients.

The decision came down to, could I live with knowing my practice...we a transmission zone. And the truth is, no I could not. So I made the tough decision.

Slowing the spread of this virus is important.

I will be there to support my patients, reach out via social media or email. I will be showing exercises and things to do at home. I am also working on a prenatal and postpartum ebook that can support that category of my patients through this pandemic and beyond.

Please stay home. The government is doing what they can to support us financially. Yes, we may struggle. But social isolation works.

Wash. Your. Hands. Water as hot as you can handle, soap and go at it. Up to elbows if possible.

Keep your spaces clean. It doesn't necessarily need to be lysol wipes, but just generally cleaning you homes, popping open a window to let in clean hair, and general hygiene practices are important always.

2 metres. That's right, keep your distance ya'll.

But still connect. Call, text, email, FaceTime, Skype. Keep in touch. Be kind. Help your neighbours.

Don't hoard. The supply chains aren't distributed, so stop hoarding things you don't need. Because parents, low income and seniors are going to the stores and not getting what THEY need because of panic buying.

Take the time to learn a new skill, listen to podcasts, read a book, get creative! Things are changing. I believe everything happens for a reason, and we can see unity happening. We can see the planet healing.

We will get through this. But let's not prolong it. Socially isolate. Follow your government direction.

And if you have headaches, neck or back pain or other things you normally see a chiropractor for, reach out virtually!

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