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Heel Pain? This Is What To Do

When most patients walk into a chiropractic clinic with heel pain, the first thing most of us think is "plantar fasciitis". But what if it's not that?

The second most common diagnosis for heel pain is something called heel pad syndrome. Let's dive a little deeper into this condition.

What is the fat pad?

The fat pad is a shock absorber that sits under the heel bone, or calcaneus. It helps cushion and dampen ground reaction forces.

Why does it hurt?

Over time, stress can promote a break down of the fat cells and degeneration. This leads to a lack of elasticity and shock absorption, and the calcaneus will begin to feel more direct pressure. Inflammation can also be a cause.

How do I know I have it?

Most patients describe a deep, vague, almost bruise like pain that is felt over the centre of the heel. There may also be tenderness in that area, and these symptoms can be made worse by prolonged walking.

What can I do?

Some things that can be done to help Heel Pad Syndrome include:

Heel cups for shoes

Myofascial release



All of these things can be done by a chiropractor! So if you're having some heel pain, come in and get it checked out!

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