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How I Am Self-isolating

Hey gang!

What a difference just a week can make.

As of last Thursday, I decided it was best to self-isolate. I do not feel sick, I have a chronic cough/runny nose thanks to the lovely dryness of the winter air in Calgary, but that's been going on...well...since like August. But. I digress.

For many of us, isolating at home has either been strongly recommended, or mandated.

Here in Alberta, chiropractors have been told to only be available to emergent cases.

I agree with this, as we are not life sustaining, and as sad as it is that I cannot be there for my patients right now, this will help long term to slow the virus spread.


I wanted to give you a glimpse into how I'm using my time at home!

First off, I'm still waking up around my normal time. I am maintaining my morning and evening routines as much as possible

I've made a to-do list. Things I aim to get down daily. What does this include?

~Working on online offerings for my patients

~Reading, both for pleasure (Ash Princess and a Paris guidebook) and to educate (Book Yourself Solid)

~Watching educational youtube channels (some I love include Marie Forleo and Gabby Bernstein)

~Listening to podcasts (Mindpump, Everforward, She Slays the Day, Broken Brain, Elevation Church and more)

~Taking advantage of free content online (right now the Pain Summit from 2015)

~Yoga (Yoga by Candace on youtube)

~Learning French on Duolingo

~Painting (I'm doing a paint by number I got of Amazon!)

Even though we are home, does not mean we do not need goals, and a set schedule. Of course you can be fluid with it, but having an idea of what you want to accomplish can help with the isolation and stave off any feelings of anxiety and depression

This is not any easy time, I am here with you. I know.

I do believe everything happens for a reason. Let's see the positive, search for a silver lining and use the time we say we never have to do good in the world.

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