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Morning Routine to Start Your Day Right

Morning routines are all the rage lately. Having that optimal start to your day can get you off on the right foot.

While I do try and get a good routine down every morning, sometimes it doesn't always happen. And that's ok. Having some flexibility is good for you, and can help deal with changes in your day as well.

Looking to develop your own type of routine for when you roll out of bed? Here are some ideas!

Wake Up the Same Time: If you can, waking up the time each day helps your body keep to a schedule and get better sleep. Not to mention it can give you more time in your day even if it's a day off

Drink some H2O: After a long nights sleep, the body can be dehydrated. Starting with a large glass of room temperate water can help rehydrate you and get your digestion going. Adding lemon and salt can also help with electrolytes.

Get outside: If you can, getting some sun first thing in the morning helps the system wake up. I use my dog as a reason to get outside, sometimes just to the yard to go to the bathroom, sometimes to take a full walk.

Diffuser: Starting the day with a fresh scent like spa spirit from Saje can help the body wake up and get the mind sharp

Meditation: Each morning I listen to an affirmation recording, and make a list of 3 things I'm grateful for. I also read the Daily Stoic each day. Starting the morning from a state of gratitude can help carry that attitude with you through the day and see the positive in your world.

Make Your Bed: This is simple task, and ticking it off first thing makes you feel accomplished!

Tea and Planning: I like making a tea (usually green) to start the day and then plan my day out.

After that I have breakfast, usually workout (much more a morning workout person), shower and get ready for work!

What kind of things do you like to do in the mornings to start your day right? Leave a comment!

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