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Pediatric Chiropractic Care

Yes, chiropractors can treat the pediatric population. This includes newborns, all the way up to adolescents.

Chiropractic care for pediatric patients is not a new thing. Though in the grand scheme, chiropractic is newer then some of our treatment modalities, care of the child started right along with the profession. The founder himself, D.D. Palmer would state the importance of checking a child's spine as they grow.

Chiropractors have developed gentle, effective ways to treat children of all ages. These techniques can be quite different then what you may think of as a "normal" adjustment delivered by a chiropractor. But that's that magic of it! We have taken our knowledge of the body and how it develops and tweaked our methods to work for all ages.

Things that we can help with include concerns such as a baby who is favouring a side while feeding, slowed development, scoliosis, postural syndromes, muscle imbalances and sports injuries.

Chiropractors are also very well trained to know when to refer your child out and get them the support they need. We collaborate with medical providers and other practitioners to ensure your child is getting the best care!

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