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Should a Chiropractor be Part of Your Birth Team?

Pregnancy is quite an event.

In 9 months, you manage to grow a human. And while you're doing that, you still work and function normally...not to mention get prepared for the new life you will be bringing into the world.

But what if you start to have symptoms? Low back pain, carpal tunnel, nausea?

That's when having a chiropractor on your Birth Team can help!

My goal with pregnant patients is to focus on the neurological and musculoskeletal changes that occur throughout the pregnancy and beyond. This looks like stabilizing, strengthening, maintaining healthy mobility and functionality as well as education and injury prevention.

Your needs may change based on trimester, so that is how I am going to break down the different things we look at throughout the 9 months. But keep in mind, some of these things can overlap! Every female body is different, and every pregnancy is its own unique experience

Trimester 1:

As your body begins shifting to make room for baby, your joints loosen and your centre of gravity shifts. All of these things can lead to back pain. Integrating exercises, soft tissue release and gentle adjustments may help reduce the pain. These changes in your body can also lead to different headaches, which chiropractors are pro at treating. Adjustments, improving hydration and muscle work can help reduce headache frequency and duration.

Exercise is also ok while you're pregnant (unless you have a contraindication that needs you on bedrest, check with your primary care OB or midwife). Now isn't the time to start anything new, but you can continue your programming, with guidance.

Trimester 2:

Low back pain and headaches can continue to make appearances in this trimester, with sciatica starting as well. We can begin to integrate different taping techniques, as well as introduce specific exercises to continue to support your body as baby grows

Trimester 3:

Now we really begin preparing for labour. We are keeping the pelvis moving as intended, and counting to stabilize and strengthen. Discussing you birth plan and the postnatal will happen too, so I know the best way I can support you through this next stage.

Low back pain is very present in this trimester, and leg cramps can happen as well. Upward pressure in the abdominal cavity can cause pain and numbness in the region as well as in the ribs. Pain along the round ligament and pubic symphysis tends to appear in this trimester. Headaches, fatigue and carpal tunnel are also reported in this trimester.

As you've noticed, there are more issues that can pop up in this trimester, so we may have to increase visits. There is rapid growth during these 3 months, not to mention hormonal changes, and this can strain the body.

As you can see, many aches and pains can be included in the pregnancy experience, but you don't just have to sit and live with it, you can do something about it!

Chiropractic is fabulous option to integrate into your pregnancy. Integrating pre-natal massage, acupuncture and nutrition is also super beneficial. And if you want, there is even hypnosis and guided imagery that can aid in labour.

And you can get all of that done in ONE place. Cool right?

Enjoy you pregnancy!

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