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Top 7 Supplements I Recommend

Supplementation is something I discuss with every patient. While getting our macro and micronutrients from our food is ideal, it can also be difficult. High quality, nutrient dense food can be difficult to always have on hand, especially as our food is naturally less nutrient dense than it used to be.

That is where supplements can come into play. You don't NEED supplements, but they absolutely can support you and take your health and wellness to the next level.

Let's go through the top 8 supplements I recommend for my patients and why they're great!

I do recommend Metagenics as a brand for almost all of my patients, but other high quality brands include Douglas Labs and Thorne. This post if EDUCATIONAL in nature, make sure you consult with your healthcare team before starting supplements.


Living north of the 49th, natural production of Vitamin D is difficult for many Canadians. Even here in Calgary, one of the sunniest cities in the country, getting our body to produce this important vitamin/hormone can be difficult. The sun needs to hit our skin at specific angles to create Vitamin D, and that gets incredibly difficult in winter. So, supplementation can be beneficial! I recommend a liquid form, as it's easier to get higher levels of the supplement.

Vitamin D benefits include:

Supporting healthy bones through calcium regulation

A protective effect against viruses

Aiding in healthy blood pressure management

Aiding in mood management

Check out my favourite Vitamin D here


This is probably my favourite supplement for women. While we all need it, women especially are found to be low in this micronutrient, especially those of us with reproductive issues or on birth control. There are many types of magnesium, all having different tissues that use them better than can also have a laxative effect, so be cautious with dosage. As it is involved in over 600 reactions that take place in the body, having enough is key to living well.

Benefits of magnesium:

Aids in brain function and mood

Can help manage blood sugar

Aid in blood pressure management


Can help prevent migraines

Can help with PMS symptoms

I use this nightly to get my magnesium in!


With the standard diet most of us eat in North America, the ratio of our omega fatty acids is off, and we get too much omega 6 and not enough omega 3. That's why omega 3 supplements are recommended a lot


May heel fight depression and anxiety

Can aid in eye helath

Supports brain health during pregnancy/early life

Can aid in cardiovascular health

May support children with ADHD

Can fight inflammation and auto-immune disease

Can aid in joint health

Fish oil is the main source of these nutrients, like this one


Curcumin is the active ingredient found in turmeric, they spice that gives curry it's yellow hue. It's a biocavtive compound that has incredible attributes that are great to supplement for health. Cooking with more turmeric is a great way to get more of this compound, and you can also supplement with it in forms of teas and other beverages like this one which has the added benefit of collagen protein!


Natural anti-inflammatory


Can improve brain health

May lower the risk of heart disease

Can aid in treating arthritis, age related diseases and mood disorders.


These two things are commonly seen together in joint support supplements, and for good reason. Glucosamine has been shown to aid in patients with knee arthritis, and research is ongoing to see its applications in other disorders. Glucosamine is an amino sugar that naturally shows up in our bodies, as a building block. MSM, or Methylsulfonylmethane, is partnered with glucosamine for its joint support as well. You can find both of them in this great joint supplement


May reduce inflammation

Supports healthy joints

Can aid in recovery from exercise


Zinc is another vital supplement that helps in many different bodily functions. It is an essential nutrient, as we don't produce it ourselves, so we need to get it from diet and supplementation. This is also another supplement women tend to be low in when on birth control. Most sources are animal based, so vegans and vegetarians should also be aware of their levels and look into supplementation. Check out a good option here


Boosts the immune system

Speeds wound healing

May aid in age-related diseases

May help with acne

Decreases inflammation


Many of us automatically think of fighting a cold when we think vitamin C, but it's oh so much more than that! Another essential vitamin, we need to ensure we are always having high quality sources in our diet.


May reduce chronic disease risk

May help manage blood pressure

Can aid in treating cardiovascular disease

Can aid in treatment of gout

Improves absorption of iron

Boosts immunity

Aids in healthy of skin and similar tissue

If you need a little more C, give this a try

If you are looking for guidance on which supplements you might need, seeing a nutritionist or discussing with your chiropractor can be great places to start, book here!

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