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What is Lumbar Traction?

Low back pain affects 60-80% of the adult population, and the lumbar diisc is one of the most common causes of pain.

Lumbar traction is when there is a gentle pull (or traction) applied to the body to target the low back. It can help with radicular (nerve) symptoms that can result from disc issues, degeneration or stenosis.

Traction can be done a few ways, depending on what a chiropractor has in their office. It can be on a traction table, or using something like a flexion-distraction table or even done manually with the doctors hands and something like a seatbelt or towel.

What does traction do?

It increased space between the vertebrae

Stretch the posterior ligaments

Provides negative pressure which can help reduce disc protrusions

Distraction of joints

It can be use for acute and chronic low back pain, with results being good when combined with other modalities.

Could traction be something for you? Ask your provider!

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