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What's All The Fuss Around Posture?

Most patients when they come in to see me always say something along the lines of “and I know my posture is horrible.”

Well today we are going to clear that up.

“Bad” posture is starting to be a thing of the past, and as we learn more and more about the human body, we are discovering that movement is key! Any posture can be ‘bad’ if we are in it for too long.

Why? Something called creep…this is when soft tissue like ligaments will start to slowly creep into a not so ideal positon when we are in not great postures. Some things we do look for when assessing posture include:

Anterior head carriage

Interiorally rotated shoulders

Excessive lumbar lordosis

Anterior pelvic tilt

Sway back

Military back

Hyperextended knees

Image from Healthline

Once we take a look at what improper postures may be leading to, we can work on addressing the problem.

  • The most important thing is to MOVE. Whether it is sitting or standing, being in any posture for too long isn't a good idea, so I encourage my patients to set timers on their phones to remind them to move positions, stretch and move around a little, regardless of what they're doing. I aim for every 20-60 minutes

  • Ergonomics are the next thing that we look at. Especially for someone like a desk worker, ensuring a proper desk and chair are used as well as the computer being at the right height are important. Look forward to some ergonomic tips in a few weeks!

  • Stretches are also something that can be integrated into your day, a great example is some neck stretches like these.

  • Lastly, work on strength. Exercises like rows, scapular retractions and a plus push-up are all helpful for strengthening our posture muscles.

Want a program specifically for your work and posture concerns? Having a chiropractor put together a program built for you is the best bet to address your issues! Come in and see me and let's get started, book now at

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