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Ergonomics In Your Daily Life

Going throughout your day, making little adjustments to you work and home setups can actually help reduce the possibility of pain and injury. The most common things you will see is your work ergonomics, but we can also set up other things to be ergonomically correct!


Whether your work at a desk regularly or spend your free time gaming away, having a proper desk set-up is important to keep your body in a positive position. The top of your screen should be at eye level. Your chair should be at the correct level so your feet are flat on the ground and your knees and hips are at 90 degree angles. A chair with handles is best, so your arms can rest on them, supporting them. A pad under the wrists can help with pain, as well as an ergonomic keyboards and mouses. Keeping the things you use most often close to you is best, avoiding having to reach.


Whether you are on the phone all day at work, or like chatting away with friends, using the phone correctly can ensure less pain. Don’t use your shoulder to hold your phone, if you can use Bluetooth or head sets that is best. When texting or scrolling through social media, hold your phone at eye level so you’re not beinding your neck down to look at your phone.


When driving in the car, ensure that you have good back support. If you vehicle doesn’t have lumbar support built in you can use a rolled up towel or purchase a lumbar roll. Ensure you don’t have a death grip on the wheel, but have a relaxed grip. Don’t slouch, set up your head rest so it isn’t jamming your head forward, but also providing support. Your hips and ankles shoulder be at a relaxed 90 or so degrees, unless of course your drive manual then both feet will be working. Your knees should not be hitting the dash or steering wheel in anyway.

Even with all these tips, the best thing you can do is not to be in one position for too long. Setting a reminder in your phone is a great way to remember to move, get up, stretch or even go for a walk!

Need some specific help on your ergonomic set up? Book an appointment today!

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