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Facts About the SI Joint, Pelvis and Low Back During Pregnancy

Want to learn some fun facts about what happens during pregnancy in the low back and pelvis! Let's chat!

  • Women with a natural hypermobility can have even more laxity during pregnancy, and they can report being tight all the time to help stabilize the body.

  • The SI joint (where the sacrum meets the illium of the pelvis) is the two joint that handle transfer force between upper and lower body

  • The pubic symphysis is the joint that connects the pelvis in the front

  • Pain in these areas is common during pregnancy and postpartum, due to ligaments relaxing

  • Another common cause of pain in these areas during pregnancy is muscle imbalances

So what are some thing that you can do to work on this area?

Work the abdominals-specifically the transverse abdominals. They are the main stability providers of the spine. They are the corset-like muscles that wrap around the sides, back and front. When they contract, it creates tension in the back and lines alba (the front connection of the abs).

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