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How To Put Together Your Evening Routine

Evening routines are becoming more of a topic (along with morning routines) that we as busy humans are discussing.

Having these routines can helps us feel prepared, relaxed and less anxious going through the day.

If we think about our childhoods, or raising our own kids, keeping routines is KEY. So if kids need routines to get good sleeps, focus and be happy, why would we think us adults are any different?

Here are some things I do in my evening routine that you can use to build one for your own!

Timing: When you decide to go to bed is important. Like waking up at the same time each day, going to bed the same time each night is important to let your body know it's time for sleep. This also applies to your routine, as much as you can try to begin your routine about the same time. For me, that's about an hour before I want to be falling asleep

Set Up Your Space: I like to head up to bed, light a nice smelling candle and turn on my humidifier. The candle makes the room smell amazing, and the humidifier helps big time with my sleep. Living in Calgary, the air is DRY, especially in winter, so this helps my breathing and skin. Temperature is also key, rooms we sleep in should be on the cooler side.

Bathtime: Taking a hot bath, with Epsom salts is a great way to wind down, relax muscles and take a moment to breathe

Yoga: Doing a bedtime, or Yin yoga routine can help relieve stress and prepare the brain for a better sleep. It doesn't need to be long, and some routines can even be done in bed! Check out Yoga by Adrienne on YouTube for great videos

Review and Plan: I make sure to have my meals, outfits and schedule planned out before I head to bed. Knowing how the next day is going to go helps with my anxiety and let's me sleep soundly! Preparing can make it easier to handle if things go awry.

Read and Tea: I finish my routine with some caffeine free, herbal tea. Chamomile and other sleepy time teas are great for this. I will usually do some reading, or listen to a podcast.

And after that, it's off to dream land!

Hope this helps with your routines. What kind of things do you like to include? Leave a comment below!

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