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No Matter Where You Work From, Feel No Pain!

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Given the new normal, a lot of people are telecommuting aka working from home. While a lot of offices provide ergonomic set ups, those of us stuck at home now may not have the same set up.

And how about people who travel for work? Long haul truckers, sales reps flying every other day. It can be a lot for the body to handle!

Keep reading to figure out how, no matter your working conditions, what you can do to help not be in pain by the end of the day.

Working From Home When working from home, try not to cave to the temptation of working in bed, or on the couch. Use a desk or a dining table so you can set up properly. Make sure you chair is comfortable, but supportive, with arms and lumbar support if you can. The top of your computer screen should be at eye level, and if you have a mouse, us it, it's better than the pads on laptops. If you have access, using 2 or more larger screens can help with eye strain, and don't forget to take breaks for your eyes every 20 minutes. Set up your keyboard so your wrists are neutral and straight and get up and move every hour.


Picking you seat-if you have the option-can be key. For longer limbed individuals, an aisle, emergency row or the first row can be helpful to have more leg room to stretch out. For the short humans of the world like me, being in the window seat can be helpful as I can use the side of the plane for support. An ergonomic pillow can also help on long flights, as will getting up every so often to avoid muscle cramps. Remember to do some neck stretching in your seat, and to drink regular water before and during your flight. If you plan on sleeping, bring ear plugs and an eye cover can help with a better quality nap.


When spending long periods of time in the car, whether for work or for a road trip, making sure your set up is optimal to reduce any aches and pains. Let's start at the wheel, make sure you're grip is loose and comfortable safely. Relax, don't be too tense while driving, breathe and remember to keep your shoulders down. Don't slouch, set your seat up so the headrest isn't pushing your forward and that your lumbar support is adequate, make sure you have a gentle bend in your knee when your foot is on the gas and that mirrors are probably set so you are not missing anything.

Want detailed help on setting yourself up for success? Book an appointment today!

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