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What Is "Lying In" After Labour?

Have you every heard of "Lying in"

Sadly, probably not. In our modern Western society, this sacred period after labour and birth is often times shortened, or forgotten altogether.

So what it is?

It is typically the first 30 days of the post-natal period. It is a time for slowing down. A time where the mother and baby are the focus.

For most mom's, their world becomes about the new life they have brought into the world, but we need to remember that mom is important too!

Lying in looks like just that, lying in.

For the first week or so, staying close or on the bed. Gradually moving to exploring the rest of the living space. Mindful breathing. Bonding with baby, especially skin to skin.

It can be tough for parents to take this time, with the pressure to return to work, life and the world so high after birth.

Having support for this period is key to making it work. If you can have family around to help with household chores, meals, laundry and babysitting (so you can shower, nap or just take a moment) that can be incredible. Maybe it's your best friend that comes to support. Or maybe you decide to hire a Postpartum Doula. Regardless of how your support system is made up, having one is key.

You can also prepare for this time period. Have freezer meals ready. Have a LOT of diapers, bottles, formula (if using), blankets, onesies and washcloths ready so you're not stressed about laundry or washing dishes. Talk with your partner and have a plan for when the baby wakes up at night and discuss how to communicate when you need breaks or something else.

This time is exciting, but it can also be scary! Embrace this time to bond as a family. Move mindfully. Work on your breath. And don't forget about your chiropractor! You can come visit with babe as soon as 2 weeks post-labour.

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